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What do you get?

  1. Innovative and unique website

  2. Hosting / Maintenance

  3. Search Engine Submission - This is the actual process of telling the search engines that your new website exists. Bringing in those looking for auctions.

  4. Three Software Programs to size pictures to the data entry software along with online software tool embedded within the data server, this Software gives you the option to auction or set your price or even using the buy it now option.

  5. Five auctions platforms with no limit to how many items at any given time.
    other platforms are extra. but no limit to how many you may need.

  6. Data server and maintenance is something that will be included with no hidden costs to you.

  7. Eighty Hours of US approved schooling so you can get your own licenses. Learn the chant learn the business get all the basics from world renowned & world champion Auctioneers.

  8. Customer Service. we have the best. our staff can walk you through each process.

  9. Onsite support for local buyers. We will come to your place to help you set up if needed. we have a low cost and basic plan for out of city and state needs.

  10. Have the ability to do live simulcast Auctions from your website this is when you are doing a live auction event, and want to promote this live event on the internet at the same time your doing a live onsite auction. think about it? reach a broader audience where 1000s can watch this live online event.

  11. World Wide Trade LTD is a subscription service. One time setup fees are as little as $200 and per month fees start at $70 For 2 Platforms $140 for 5 Platforms.

  12. With World Wide Trade LTD there are no per item or per event fees. There are no percentage of sales fees for items that are sold online.

Proven auction results - Call 972.672.8725 or email today - 10% down 35K or less and we will finance


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